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India is the country of villages; people of this nation majorly reside in the interior part of it that mainly comprises of villages or rural human settlements, it is estimated that about 68.84% of the Indian population stays in villages. It has been well said by M.K. Gandhi that “The soul of India lives in its villages”, most of these villages have their own temples, churches and mosques. Most of the villages in India are packed with greenery cattle around due to its dependence on agriculture for their living. These human settlements are often large in area with Eco-friendly habitat contributing to the simple lifestyle lead by the inhabitants.

Narindpur is a village in the state of Bihar; it lies in Ziradei block/taluka/tehseel. The village is located in Siwan district with a total population of 3591, of which 1780 are men and the female population comprises of 1811

There are satellite maps available on this website for villages you wants to look out for; these maps can help you to locate various villages and distinct locations within them or the boundaries shared by the particular Narindpur village with other human settlements nearby. This makes it easier for the viewer to locate things and regions around thus increasing the accessibility even in the rural areas.

Tahsil/ (Taluk?)Ziradei
Villages in Narendrapur Panchayat1. Barhulia
2. Bhatkan Khem
3. Narendrapur

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  • Narendrapur: At A Glance

    Country: India
    State: Bihar
    District: Siwan
    Block: Ziradei
    Total Population: 4388
    Male: 2225
    Female: 2163
    Literacy: 68.29%
    Website: www.narendrapur.in
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